She Leads Me’s


Your life and business aligned
October 8th – 11th, 2023 

our most anticipated annual event

We understand the importance of connecting the heart of your business with the core of who you are.

Join Heather Simpson, and a small intimate group of women
who are looking to dive deep into their businesses and careers, to launch into the next phase and steps of what each of you are called to do. 

It’s long overdue that we take time out of our busy lives to
center and focus ourselves. 

In 3 days, you will walk away with:

  • A fully balanced and aligned Business Plan for 2024
  • Business Strategy breakdown with step-by-step actions
  • Your Core Marketing Message 
  • Marketing and Content Plan 
  • A PR Plan to establish your Authority in your industry and stand above the crowd.

In addition to have the foundational business pieces in place for a successful year of hitting goals, scaling your business and achieving the growth you desire, you will also be connecting with the inner health of your mind and body by creating space in a beautiful, soul filling environment.

A uniquely

CUrated Experience 

Sunday Afternoon

Event Kick Off!
Meet and Greet Happy Hour


7:00 AM
Morning Activity (Yoga on the Beach or Spin)
9:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Morning and Afternoon Planning Sessions 
(Lunch and breaks scheduled)

6:00 PM
Hosted Group Dinner served onsite


7:00 AM
Group Spin Class on the Beach

9:30 AM – 3:00 PM 
Morning and Afternoon Planning Sessions 

(Lunch and breaks scheduled)

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Picnic Happy Hour on the beach
(Drinks and Appetizers Included)  


9:30 AM – 3:00 PM 
Morning and Afternoon Planning Sessions 

(Lunch and breaks scheduled)

 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Group photos and farewells

Will you join us for this iconic and highly desired Event?  

Happy Clients

“I got an immense amount of value from the Nourish retreat. Different perspectives and ways to look at my business. There is something so incredibly powerful about sitting in a room with a group of women of all different industries and backgrounds and having open and honest conversations. With covid especially a lot of us are grinding it out at home, feeling isolated and alone to a certain extent. For me it felt really nice knowing that other women were having the same struggles, thoughts and concerns as me. I felt like a part of something bigger and that was very uplifting.”

— Lyndsey

You hosted such an amazing retreat and I couldn’t be happier that I came. It was so good to be in that zone for a few days and to get to know you more. I am so grateful to have met the other amazing women there and feel like we truly made a connection. You and Leslie are a joy to be around and I thank you thank you thank you both. 


Where do I even start…

The one word that comes to mind when I think about this retreat is, REVIVED!

Before coming into the retreat, I was getting all the emotions of, should I do this, this is a really big step, am I really ready for this?
My goodness my entire experience blew me away. The preparation, the communication, the details, the elegance, the class, and the amount of positive energy put into every individual that was apart of the trip, was so well accommodated. We were not only nourished with our business needs (which I will get into) but we were beyond well nourished mentally, physically & emotionally. The movement/ exercises, the delicious food, the trust, and the laughter, completely revived me. Heather & Leslie are such a great team, and make the whole experience a fabulous time!
From the business side of things, before coming in I was attracted to the shinny quarter, and really didn’t have a complete direction for where I wanted to go in my business. I had the shell, but Heather gave it life and helped me to gather the strong structure I had hoped for. I didn’t know the concepts of planning out your year, making realistic bench marks for where we want be financially, how to market properly, or how to execute time off to have proper work life balance. Heather taught me all of this! I have a clear plan of how to proceed with my business without pressure. I walked away from this retreat feeling like a legit business owner that knows what she is doing. Heather has a beautiful way of communicating and teaching, that makes you sit at the edge of your seat wanting more, but also relaxed because she has the strategy to help lead you to a break through. Her expertise is something that I crave outside of this retreat, and will be hiring her as a business coach in the future.
My standard is held so high now for any other retreat or business conference. The expectations were blown away. The friendships and connections are genuine, and forever cherished. If you a business owner of any kind, and you need this retreat in your life. I am forever grateful and will be utilizing my new skills to thrive in my business. The work has just begun!
Thank you Heather! Thank you Leslie!
You two are a gift!

“I was a little intimidated at the idea of joining other business owners and women in leadership at the 2020 Nourish Retreat. I suppose I had a case of imposter syndrome as a small business owner still in my first 2 years of business, and quite frankly, struggling since the Covid pandemic and the impact it has had on my business. But I quickly learned that is exactly WHY I should be at Nourish! The other women helped me realize I was right where I belonged and they were invaluable during brainstorming sessions for my little business. I loved that we not only focused on our business visions for 2021, but also on personal development which can often become a last priority for business owners. The location and amenities at the Hotel Del Coronado were unmatched and really created an atmosphere of peace, calm, and creativity. Two thumbs up for Heather and her team at She Leads Me for executing such a wonderful business retreat. I can say I feel both motivated and nourished!”

— Amanda

The perfect Combo of Business and Personal growth

We want to help you propel your personal growth and be the best business leaders and 
entrepreneurs you can be. 

Making money and slaying your job responsibilities is only one piece of the puzzle. If you don’t take the time and 
create the space to take care of your health and wellness, then you will always be reaching and striving for bigger and better accomplishments. 

That’s why we are bringing business and wellness practices together for life wholeness and synchronization.